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What We Do

Sustainable and Profitable Bubble Tea Business

At Tea Amo Global, we believe in empowering entrepreneurs through a sustainable and profitable bubble tea business. We offer high-quality ingredients and support to help you create a successful business.


We believe that bubble tea is more than just a drink - it's a community. Join us in spreading the love for bubble tea around the world!

Experience the Flavors

Our Bubble Tea

Our bubble tea is made with the highest-quality ingredients and is customizable to fit your unique taste preferences. From classic favorites to new and exciting flavors, we have something for everyone. Come in and experience the delicious and refreshing taste of our bubble tea for yourself!


Grilled Chicken Chop

Top 10 Food

Experience the Taste

Our meticulously handpicked Top 10 dishes, each crafted to tantalize your taste buds in every bite.

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What the fan say about us?

Nadia Brian

Not so sweet but the taste is so milky. So delicious! You should try this!


Fatimah Ismail

Nice environment and also nice drink is a great combination! Love it.


Faisal Hamdi

Served very nice mango buble. Should give a try to whoever in Cyberjaya.

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Best bubble drink in Istanbul! The milk tea has the exactly right consistency, not watered down. The tapioca bubbles are perfectly chewy without uncooked part in the middle. Great experience overall.

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Tansel Kaya

I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Tea Amo. This delightful establishment offers a wide variety of bubble teas and delicious Malaysian dishes.

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Ikwan Firdaus

Best cafe to hang out alone. The boba like jelly. Yum2. The food was too tasty. I’m tourist gonna miss Malaysia food ın turkıye. Tea amo should open more branch. Spread love.


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Your Tealicious Journey Around the World
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