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Welcome to Tea Amo Cafe Kelantan

Order the best boba tea in the world now!


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RM4.90    Taufa Pudding

Boba Tea

Signature Taufa  Milk Series

RM10.90 | 12.90    Taufa Rose Milk

RM10.90 | 12.90    Taufa Caramel Milk

RM10.90 | 12.90    Taufa Hazelnut Milk

RM10.90 | 12.90    Taufa Fresh Milk

               | 12.90    Taufa Hokaiddo Melon Milk

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Signature Taufa  Milk Tea Series

RM11.90 | 13.90    Taufa Rose Milk Tea

RM11.90 | 13.90    Taufa Caramel Milk Tea

RM11.90 | 13.90    Taufa Hazelnut Milk Tea

RM11.90 | 13.90    Taufa Classic Milk Tea

RM11.90 | 13.90    Taufa Royal Milk Tea

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Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Series

RM7.90 | 8.90

RM7.90 | 8.90

RM7.90 | 8.90

RM7.90 | 8.90

RM7.90 | 8.90

Royal Milk Tea

Rose Milk Tea

Hazelnut Milk Tea

Caramel Milk Tea

Classic Milk Tea

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Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Series

RM6.90    Rose Milk

RM6.90    Hazelnut Milk

RM6.90    Caramel Milk

RM6.90    Chocolate Milk

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Unique Mango Boba

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RM10.90 | 12.90    Strawberry Milk

RM10.90 | 12.90    Mango Passion Milk
RM10.90 | 12.90    Mango Milk

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Beverage Coffee & Tea

Add-On Topping

    Hot     Cold

RM9.00  | 10.00    Coffee Latte

RM9.00  | 10.00    Cappuccino

RM10.00 11.00    Mocha

RM7.90  | 8.90      Long Black

RM6.00                 Espresso

RM4.00                 Green Tea

RM4.00                 English Breakfast

RM4.00                 Earl Grey

RM5.00                 Peach Tea

RM5.00                 Lemon & Ginger Tea

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RM1.50    Brown Sugar Pearl

RM1.50    Mango Pearl

RM1.50    Brown QQ Pearl

RM1.50    Grass jelly

RM1.50    Coffee Jelly


Tea Amo  Food

Tea Amo  Signatures

RM15.00    Spaghetti Bolognaise

RM13.90    Futtucini Cabonara

RM12.00    Meatball Maccaroni Cheese

RM18.90    Korean Chicken Wings

RM19.90    Assorted Pizza

RM8.90     Calamari Tartar Sauce (8pcs)

RM10.00    Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah

RM12.90    Nasi Goreng Ayam Special

RM9.90     Redhots Hot Dog

RM12.90    Chicken Chop

RM5.00      Murtabak Raja

Tea Amo Bakery

RM3.00    Mini Vanila Whirl 28gm

RM3.00    Mini Apple Lattice 28gm

RM3.00    Mini Chocolate Roll

RM3.00    Mini Kaya Twists 28gm

RM3.00    Mini Vanilla Chocolate Palmier 28gm

RM4.00    Chocolate Roll 68gm

RM3.50    Mini Muffin Combo

RM5.00    Chicken Sausage Tuna

RM5.00    Ikan Bilis Donat

RM5.00    Nasi Lemak Donat

RM4.50    Curry Chicken Puff with Egg

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