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Welcome to Tea Amo Cafe Sirkeci!

Order the best boba tea in the world now!


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 Taufa Pudding   ₺55 

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Boba Tea

Signature Taufa  Milk Series

 Taufa Rose Milk            

 Taufa Caramel Milk    

 Taufa Hazelnut Milk     

 Taufa Peach Milk          

 Taufa Classic Milk         

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Signature Taufa  Milk Tea Series

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 Taufa Rose Milk Tea           

 Taufa Caramel Milk Tea     

 Taufa Hazelnut Milk Tea    

 Taufa Classic Milk Tea        

 Taufa Royal Milk Tea         

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Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Series






Royal Milk Tea

Rose Milk Tea

Hazelnut Milk Tea

Caramel Milk Tea

Classic Milk Tea

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Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Series

Rose Milk

Hazelnut Milk

Caramel Milk

Chocolate Milk

Classic Milk






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Grainy Surface
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Cikolata Series

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Berry Cikolata

Caramel Cikolata

Hazelnut Cikolata




Unique Popping Boba

₺90    Jumbo Fruit Tea

Combination of Mango, Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Passion & fresh fruit slices

₺90    Strawberry Milk

₺90    Mango Passion Milk

₺90    Mango Milk

₺80    Princess's Smile

Combination of Strawberry, passion & popping boba

₺80   Crush On You

Combination of Mango, Peach & popping boba

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₺80    Mango Berry Me

Combination of Mango, Strawberry & popping boba

₺80    Forever Love

Combination of Mango, Passion & popping boba

₺80    Mango Tea

₺80    Strawberry Tea

₺80    Peach Tea

₺80    Passion Tea

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Coffee Kahveler

Turkish Cay

Hot    Cold

₺65       -       Espresso

₺70    ₺80     Latte

₺70    ₺80     Cappuccino

₺65    ₺80     Americano

₺75    ₺85     Mocha

₺75    ₺8    Rose Latte

₺75    ₺85     Hazelnut Latte

₺75    ₺85     Caramel Latte

₺75    ₺85     Vanilla Latte

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₺25    Cay Amo

Add-On Topping

₺15    Brown Sugar Pearl

₺15    Mango Pop

₺15    Strawberry Pop

₺15    Taufa Pudding


Tea Amo  Food

Tea Amo  Signatures

₺390    Nasi Minyak Lamb Shank Masak Kurma

Lamb shank, a cut from the shin of the lamb, is one of the most flavorful cuts of lamb.  


The connective tissue, which gives the lamb shank its flavor, also leads to toughness if not prepared correctly.  


Cooked over low heat for a long time to become velvety,

flavorful and fall off-the-bone juicy

₺340    Nasi Minyak Beef Biryani Special

This rich and aromatic meal is one of the most delicious amongst rice dishes.


Tender morsels of steak cubes cooked in a beautifully thickened spicy gravy, served over fragrant basmati rice makes the beef biryani a meal to remember.

All Time Asian Favorites

₺170    Gumush Chicken Fried Rice

This Asian classic is an easy weeknight meal. It’s made on the stovetop with chicken, eggs, onions, carrots, peas and rice.

₺180    Prawn Fried Rice, Hailam Style

A true love story: fried rice, getting up close with Fragrant rice, peppery prawns.  Bring on the food, baby!

₺150    Chicken Fried Rice, Hailam Style

An Asian lovely fried rice cook with poached chicken and seasoned rice, served with pickle chilli.

₺130    Nasi Lemak Pak Dale

Nasi lemak is the de facto national dish of Malaysia. A good nasi lemak recipe is not to be taken lightly:


A nasi lemak will not be authentic without Pandan leaves and coconut milk as the secret ingredient.  


The other main ingredient of nasi lemak is sambal.  Sambal is the soul of the dish; it brings together all the various toppings and complete this iconic dish.

Western Favorites

₺150    2pcs Fried Chicken with Garlic Sauce

Fried chicken is a dish consisting of chicken pieces that have been coated with seasoned flour or batter and deep fried.  The breading adds a crisp coating or crust to the exterior of the chicken while retaining juices in the meat.

₺150    Grilled Chicken Chop with French Fries

Boneless chicken thigh marinated in herbs and spices.  Grilled to perfection served with black pepper sauce and french fries.

Plant Based Diet

₺80    Mediterranean Creamy Potato & Mushroom Soup

This potato and mushroom soup is made with portobellos.  For extra flavor,

olive oil bechamel sauce makes it thick and extra creamy.

Children's Favourite

₺90    2pcs Fried Chicken

The best ever and tastiest fried chicken.  

Deep fried, delicious and incredibly yummy.

₺60    French Fries

French fries originating from either Belgium or France.

They are prepared by cutting the potato into even strips, then drying and frying it in a deep fryer.

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